Asia fit,special center of hair and eyebrow planting

We aren't claim that we are the best center of hair planting we prove it

Enjoy relief and re youth with Asia Fit

Work samples
Hair planting

In this way grafts(hair follicle) will remove by the modern and up to date system. Removing is one by one with out skin damaging.

Next level is planting,which will be done compressed and compact

Eyebrow planting

Exclusive method of eye brow implanting in Asia Fit center is with out surgery and skin damaging its like FUT method, long hair will remove with density and will plant in short_term.

beard planting

Beard planting in Asia Fit center will be done with out surgery,skin damaging or hair damaging,cutting grafts and recovering after planting.

This method is special on Asia fit

special services

specialized Consultation by most popular Iranian aesthetic master

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