مراحل رشد مو

Hair growing steps after planting
First day:
In the area where planted you can see some wound,a little inflammation,redness and insensibility over. You should not stimulate it.pulling the hair which planted is forbidden.
Second day till sixth:
Inflammation and redness will vanish but insensibility will continued.
10days later:
90% of wound are disappear.a little redness will left.inflammation and redness is disappeared completely but you can feel the insensibility a little.you will visit in this step.
2-8 weeks later:100% of wound will die.hair follicle entering to hide level and you see alopecia.its possible you think the volume of alopecia is high but its normal and will covered by hair this level name shock.generally the red ness and insensibility will vanish complete.
3 till 6 month later:
At first the hair will appear delicate,the redness dead and area is normal.
5 till 10 month:
All hairs growing up.
8 month later:
Cause of compression hairs can get style but they are delicate.